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File:  [GForge:cvsroot/nutss] / libnutss / examples / Makefile.am
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Tue Apr 24 11:42:45 2007 UTC (10 years, 4 months ago) by saikat
Branches: saikat
CVS tags: initial
Initial upload

noinst_sbindir = $(top_srcdir)/sbin
noinst_bindir = $(top_srcdir)/bin

bin_PROGRAMS = nutssping nutssttcp
sbin_PROGRAMS = nutssd
noinst_bin_PROGRAMS = slinkapp

nutssd_SOURCES = nutssd.c
nutssd_LDADD = ../dante/lib/libsocks.la

nutssping_SOURCES = nutssping.c
nutssping_LDADD = ../dante/lib/libsocks.la

nutssttcp_SOURCES = nutssttcp.c
nutssttcp_LDADD = ../dante/dlib/libdsocks.la

slinkapp_SOURCES = slinkapp.c
slinkapp_LDADD = ../dante/lib/libsocks.la

	javac -cp ..:. slinkapp.java

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