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Diff for /libnutss/examples/nutssping.c between versions 1.2 and 1.3

version 1.2, 2007/04/29 15:26:47 version 1.3, 2007/05/10 21:56:33
Line 321  transmit(config_t *cfg) Line 321  transmit(config_t *cfg)
         nutss_getpeername(s, (struct sockaddr *)&peer, &lpeer);          nutss_getpeername(s, (struct sockaddr *)&peer, &lpeer);
         inet_ntou(AF_NUTSS, &peer, uri, sizeof(uri));          inet_ntou(AF_NUTSS, &peer, uri, sizeof(uri));
         printf("0 bytes from %s: seq=%d.0 time=%5.3f ms\n", uri, conn,          printf("0 bytes from %s: seq=%d.0 time=%5.3f ms\n", uri, conn,
              buf, c_ok.tv_sec*1000 + c_ok.tv_usec/1000.0);               c_ok.tv_sec*1000 + c_ok.tv_usec/1000.0);
         mseq = cfg->num_pkts;          mseq = cfg->num_pkts;
         while (mseq == -1 || mseq-- > 0) {          while (mseq == -1 || mseq-- > 0) {

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