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Diff for /libnutss/examples/slinks_variable_load.c between versions 1.2 and 1.3

version 1.2, 2007/05/28 22:05:08 version 1.3, 2007/05/28 22:30:50
Line 44  void *recvthread(void *arg) { Line 44  void *recvthread(void *arg) {
                     if(ptr->last) ptr->last->next = ptr->next;                      if(ptr->last) ptr->last->next = ptr->next;
                     else          flows = ptr->next;                      else          flows = ptr->next;
            if(f) fprintf(f,"%d\t%d\t-%d\n",time,load,ptr->weight);             if(f) fprintf(f,"%d\t%d\t-%d\n",time,load,ptr->weight);
   // want to see that things are expiring when they should
            if(s) fprintf(s,"%d EXPIRED FLOW from
            free(ptr);             free(ptr);
                 }                  }
             }              }

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